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Bodegas y Viñedos Costers del Priorat

Costers del Priorat

The Bodega

After reaching the cellar, the grape clusters are manually selected and each vineyard is vinified separately in small tanks. In the region, this is called ‘Clos’, that is, wine obtained from the grape clusters from a single vineyard.

The secret in the production of great wines like Pissarres and Clos Cypres is not only in the separate vinification of each vineyard, but also in the low overall vine production.

Owing to the scarce rainfall and quite infertile lands, small and concentrated grape clusters are produced with a high level of alcohol, mature and well-formed tannins that, along with the mineral tastes provided by the slate soil, shape one of the best wines for aging in oak.

With a minimum aging time of 18 months in French oak barrels, the wine of Costers del Priorat reach maturity and are bottled to then await the last step, refinement in bottle.


Bodegas Ayuso

Bodegas Ayuso

Villarrobledo, 1947: a family tradition is born

When, in 1947, Fermín Ayuso Roig decided to found his own winery in Villarrobledo, an ideal location due to its climate and soil, he began a family tradition in vine-growing and wine-making that has made Bodegas Ayuso a reference of the highest quality and solidity in the market.

In 1961, the winery began the commercialization of bottled wine after setting up cellars with Bordeaux-type oak barrels, which would become the first ageing facility in the region.

The first Reserve in La Mancha

With the 1965 harvest, the Estola brand was launched, the flagship of the winery and the first Reserve wine in La Mancha, which very soon would attract the attention of the specialist critics and personalities.

The barrels of that time bear testimony to the visit to the winery, in 1973, of the Papal Nuncio and the brand was mentioned in the novel "La Rosa de Alejandría" ("Alexandria’s Rose") by Vázquez Montalbán.

Since then, a continuous process of technical improvements and perfecting of the facilities has given rise to a company which, without ever abandoning the seal and style of a family tradition, enjoys a solid reputation and occupies positions of leadership in the national and international markets.


Bodegas Artajona

Bodegas Paternina

Situated in the area of Artajona, an ideal location for the cultivation of vines because of its temperate climate characterised by the day and night time temperature differences which encourage a balanced maturation of the grapes, contributing to a greater permanence and complexity of the aromatic components.

The soil in the vineyards is largely calcareous clay with variations in the physical and chemical properties giving the grapes their own very particular personality.

Wine comes from the soil and therein lies the importance of the care and attention of the vineyards: attentiveness given with the aim of obtaining aromatic suggestive wines to delight the most demanding palates.

Bodegas Artajona was founded in 1957, when the Pérez de Ciriza family moved from their home town, Artajona, to Pamplona and inaugurated their first winery.

From that moment, quality and service were the foundations on which the family business project was built.

In 2002, now firmly consolidated in the regional market, Bodegas Artajona inaugurated modern facilities covering over 3,000 m2 and the firm entered upon its expansion into new markets. Its goal was clear: to satisfy the most demanding palates with top-quality wines. The culmination of these efforts are the wines we present here. They are exquisite wines, painstakingly selected and nurtured in our Bodega, combining the most modern production processes with the experience and know-how accumulated through the years.


Bodegas Marquès de Riscal

Marquès de Riscal


1858 Creation of the Marqués de Riscal winery, the birth of a dream
1883 The original cellar was extended. This part is known as "El Palomar".
1862 First bottled Marqués de Riscal Wines; in just five years the first prizes began to arrive
1895 Marqués de Riscal was the first non-French wine to win the diploma of honour of the Bordeaux Exhibition

1972 Production of the first Marqués de Riscal white wines in Rueda
1980 Force behind the creation of the Denominación de Origen Rueda
1986 Barón de Chirel, the first "signature wine", launched
1995 Marqués de Riscal introduced the first grape sorting table in the Rioja appellation
1999 First vintage of the Riscal 1860

2000 Project 2000, a step into the future
2006 Inauguration of the "City of Wine"
2008 150th Anniversary of Marqués de Riscal
2009 Launch of Finca Torrea and Finca Montico
2010 Vinos Herederos de Marques de Riscal S.A. buys the Marqués de Arienzo Rioja appellation label
2011 Marqués de Riscal gets recognized as one of the 10 World´s Most Admired Wine Brands (Drinks International)
2011 Transformation of the 1883 wine cellar, one of our oldest wine cellars, into a space equipped with the latest technology. The idea is to combine the charm of this 19th century space with the most modern machinery
2011 Marqués de Riscal holds an historical auction in Beijing (China)
of 100 vintages dating from 1862 to 2005
2011 The Marqués de Riscal Restaurant receives its first Michelin Star
2013 Awared Best European Winery by the prestigious magazine Wine Enthusiast

Marqués de Riscal, its philosophy

Throughout its history, Marqués de Riscal has always been an innovating, pioneering cellar and reference in a constantly changing winemaking sector. We seek to make wines which are original, fresh, elegant and easy to drink. Since the beginning we have always had a clear vocation for exporting.
Nowadays we can be found in nearly 100 countries to which we export 60% of our output.

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