White Kidney Bean

White Kidney Beans 1kg

A variety of white bean with an elongated, large and homogeneous grain, which is sold with a polished and shiny appearance.

Cranberry Bean

Cranberry Beans 1kg

Bean of elongated grain, uniform vein, and large size. Very popular due to its intense flavor.

Dark Red Kidney Bean

Dark Red Kidney Beans 1kg

Purple color, and kidney shaped variety, very much appreciated for the dark and thick broth it brings to stews.

Judion Granja Bean

Judion Granja Beans 1kg

It is the largest bean variety consumed in our country. It has a characteristically thin skin and smooth texture.

Cooked White Kidney Bean

Cooked White Kidney Beans 580g

A medium-sized, uniformly shaped white bean variety. This product is ideal because it reaches the appropriate cooking point without the skin peeling off.

Cooked Dark Red Kidney Bean

Cooked Dark Red Kidney Beans 580g

Es muy apreciada por su gran sabor y piel fina, logrando conservar un aspecto compacto.

Cooked Judion Granja Bean

Cooked Judion Granja Beans 580g

A characteristically large sized, and white colored variety, its taste is very appreciated among gourmets.



Pardina Lentil

Pardina Lentils 1kg

The pleasant flavor and smooth palate of this product are acknowledged in the market.

Laird Lentil

Laird Lentils 1kg

It is an intense green, large, and homogeneous lentil, that cooks uniformly.

Green Speckled Lentil

Green Speckled Lentil 1kg

Small-sized, and green colored, this variety stands out for its great flavor.

Lentejas Cocidas

Cooked Lentils 580g

Grown in Castilla-La Mancha, this product has an exquisite taste and very thin skin.



Garbanzo Mexicano II Siluetas

Mexican Chickpea II Siluetas 1kg

Also of the “Café” variety, with the same organoleptic characteristics as the one packed in III ‘Siluetas’, but slightly smaller.

Garbanzo Cocido

Cooked Chickpea 580g

It has a uniform size and soft texture. It has a very fine palate .


Rice J. Montoro 1kg

Rice Bomba MontoroRice Extra MontoroRice Vaporized Montoro
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